An Overview about the Company


We introduce ourselves as one of the leading dynamic and rapidly growing wholesaler for Pipes(M.S ,G.I, C.R, Seamless, Stainless steel, C.I and un-standard sizes will be manufactured based up on requirement), Angles, Channel, Square, Rectangular, Flat, Square rod Bright Rod, Iron & Steel - Raj Pipe Industries was established by an ambitious entrepreneur with a vision to serve our clients more effectively and provide prompt services. We set our foot in trading branded products and in a very short span of time we have etched a good niche in this domain by offering superior LONG and FLAT products like Angles, Channels, Beams, Plates, HR products, CR products, GI products, Bars, Coils etc.

Our range of products is supplied in various sizes, ranges, types and schedules. We, Raj Pipe Industries supply these products in a bulk to cater to customers’ requirements and also helping them availing with the MODVAT benefits. Having experience of successful growth, we cater to the requirements of Pipes, Tubes, Pipe Fittings, Flanges, Sheets, Plates, Rod and other process industries-under one roof.

Raj Pipe Industries is equipped with highly sophisticated warehouse widespread in more than 20,000 Sq.ft where all the procured products after quality testing are stored. Our warehouse is pace with international standards and managed by well-experienced warehouse in charge to guarantee durability and economical prices to our customer.

We, Raj Pipe Industries has its in-house fabrication unit to serve the customers according to their needs in terms of various size, shapes etc. Our idea is to provide end-to-end solution to our customers in order to fulfill their requirements by providing customized service to our customer.

We also equipped with own transportation facility to meet ourcustomer’s requirements on a stipulated timeline. We can confidently commit about our on time delivery and prompt service.

The main driving force of Raj Pipe Industries is to offers Pipes, Iron & Steel to our customers. These Products are procured from leading manufacturers and supplies to ensure quality and customers’ satisfaction. We never deal and supply any product without performing quality check up. This test is performed following established quality standards norms conducted by quality experts.

Enduring Strength…Ensuring Life is the imbibed virtue of our range of pipes. We believe in delivering value to the customer by offering them the top of the line quality pipes from the most reputed manufacturers.

Raj Pipe Industries is a major supplier to various end user like leading Architects, Structural Consultants, Project Management Consultants, Builders, Contractors, Engineers and Fabricators.We have a clientele base of more the 30,000 valuable customers across Tamil Nadu.

" Cline's level of sustainability and pride in their product really
made me a bigger fan of Cline than I was before. "

Our Vision and Mission

Our diligent and inspired research gives us an edge over our competitors and puts us at the forefront of our field. We are continuously seeking ways to improve our products and services. A big portion of our resources are put into research and development to understand better several key mechanisms that can help us do our job better. At Raj Group, the primary aim of R & D process is to maximize output and minimize expenditure and eliminate risk for our employees and customers.

In the times of big multi-national companies, competition is a challenging aspect of survival. A significant proportion of our business development goes into research and development and we are constantly finding newer, better solutions for our clients and customers. In today is innovation-driven world, a progressive organization always needs to re-define itself and re-invent

Our Focus

Success follows those who dare to dream, and it specially follows those who dream big and labour with genuineness. The progress of our world is captained by inexorable leaders and we have no qualms about saying that we are the leaders of what we do. No matter what we do, we give our best, and more.

We, at Raj Pipes, have always opted for the driving seat because we are always clear-minded about where we want to go, and we are always sure of reaching there. Adhering strictly to the Raj Pipes tradition of "quality and welfare", we are a group totally dedicated to perpetually improving quality of our products and services. We believe in the unequivocal conviction of hard work. With an innate capacity to dynamically change and innovate, we are constantly re-inventing ourselves.

An unmitigated desire to serve the society at the grassroot level inspires us to trudge paths that none have trudged yet. At Raj Groups we work as a community and every employee and stakeholder is an integral part of the organization. We recognize the responsibility bestowed upon our shoulders by the families of our hard-working personnel and our trusting shareholders who have invested their hard-earned money in our (theirs) organization, and we carry this responsibility with the utmost zeal and clarity of purpose. At Raj Groups, people come first.


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