Quality is a way of life at Raj Pipes. We follow strict norms of quality when it comes to resource management, production, services, commitment and working environment. We believe the quality-consciousness is a panacea for all economic and social ills. May it be quality of life or quality of business; we revere it in all spheres of our job. Read on more on the quality certificates and awards for various divisions

Our manufacturing facilities are supervised by technology experts and experienced people. Adherence to high level quality standard is monitored with the help of sophisticated inspection facilities available in-house. This include Hydro-testing, NDT using magnetic flux, ultrasonic & eddy current testing and laboratory testing of microstructure, tensile, impact, hardness etc.

Our products and process quality have been recognized by INDIAN BOILER REGULATION (IBR) authorities and we are holding a valid certificate of WELL KNOWN TUBE & PIPE MAKERS

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